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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



With Tectopore: Increased growth, production and Brix degrees in blueberries

The experience of growing blueberries is recent and requires a long production time. Applying hydroponics allows for faster growth as the roots spread more easily. As in all types of cultivation in any of its forms, using Tectopore generates benefits, as evidenced in this trial in two phases, one in the growth of the plant until it bears fruit, and the other, from that stage.

The trial was carried out on a hydroponic blueberry crop of the Biloxi variety in the province of Cotopaxi.

We decided to mix a dose of Tectopore Bioblend with the palm fibre and rice husk substrate using 30 litre bags. The objective in the two stages was to measure the growth and vigour of the plants for six months and the productivity and quality of the blueberries from 24 plants for four months. In both cases, the time considered allows for adequate measurement.

The results were improved growth and production and higher Brix degrees, a unit of quantity that expresses the amount of sugar in the fruit, improving its taste.

I. Results

Table 1

Summary of measurements


Table 2

Productivity and weight control


Table 3

Brix degrees


II. Blueberries Sowing Stage

III. Blueberries Production Stage

IV. Verification photographs

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