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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



With Tectopore Bioblend: Enhanced results on improved indicators in a tomato culture

A tomato culture of the Pietro variety was the subject of this completed trial at El Quinche. It is a variety that has a long life and it is the most suitable for greenhouse cultivation due to its resistance when it is harvested and stored, as it has a longer ripening time than other kinds of tomatoes.

Its cultivation cycle is approximately six months. After three months, we started to take weekly harvest data and to classify them according to their quality.

In our trial, the conditions were sandy loam soils with moisture retention problems and very degraded soil due to monoculture. This was coupled with the use of chemical nutrition based on chemical fertilisers and pesticides for pest and disease management. 

At the time of sowing, we applied Tectopore Bioblend, formulated from a mixture enriched with a great diversity of efficient microorganisms and nutrient concentration, in a single dose and with two types of granulometry. In this way, we responded to the problems of development and uniformity, considering that the formulation of our product provides faster results in these soils, which cultivate only one kind of crop.

The objectives to be evaluated in this treatment were focused on the average yield kg/plant, which gives the percentage increase in productivity, and the quality grades in the tomatoes, related to the categorisation presented in the plant and depending on the requirements of the chains or retail outlets where they sell the product AAA, AA and A, according to the size, colour and shape of the tomato.

Application methodology

The farm where the trial was carried out uses mulch, so the application of Tectopore Bioblend was done by making a furrow prior to planting and with the placement of the irrigation hose. The product was covered with the removed soil and organic matter.

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I. Results

We compared the results of the treatment with a neighbouring batch/ control and with the previous cycle of the same batch, which are positive indicators obtained with the application of our product.

Table 1

Comparison of lots with treatment application


Table 2

Comparison of lots with treatment application and neighbouring lot control


II. Verification photographs

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