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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



Tectopore on two Gypsophila varieties

This is an annual, highly branched plant with long narrow leaves, up to two centimetres long. Its origin is wild, but it is cultivated in gardens and used as foliage in floristry. We conducted four trials in the province of Pichincha in the areas of Machingui, Perucho and Cusubamba, with Tectopore Bioblend and Tectopore Pure, each with its specific approach.

We apply the products in two varieties: Excellence, characterised by a larger flowering size and stronger fragrance, and Overtime, medium-sized with a lot of flowering.  According to the farm management, the results of one cycle were evaluated and, in those using mulch, a second to fourth cycle is being measured, this trials are still ongoing. The objectives considered in the trial were productivity, harvest curve and mortality.

The product was applied at two stages of the plant in order to have a comprehensive view: one in pruning and three in sowing, measuring three forms of application, depending on the stage of the plant. In pruning, the application was made under the irrigation line. In sowing, on the other hand, it was applied in the furrow under the roots and broadcast over the entire bed. The recommendation is to use the product mixed with organic matter and microorganisms.

We also worked with three different granulometries: with the one smaller than 2 mm, the aim was to retain water and fertilisers, and with the granulometry of 2 mm to 6 mm, the aim was to give the soil more structure. Finally, the mixed granulometry was used for water retention and structure.

The first results show an increase in stems and a decrease in mortality.

Methodology map

Tectocarbon blog  aplicaciones metodologías

I. Results of the trial

I.I Pruning results

Table 1

Summary of increase in productivity and stems


Table 2

Summary of productivity and production by treatment


Table 3

Graph of yield curves


I.II Sowing results

Table 4

Production results


Table 5

Percentage of production per week


Table 6

Mortality of plants per bed in Mulch


II. Videos

Pruning stage

Sowing stage

IV. Photographs

I. Application of the product under the irrigation line during the pruning stage

II. Application of the product in furrows and broadcast in the sowing stage

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