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For pots, lawn, gardens and orchards. Increase the leafiness and health of your plants.


Greater vigor in orchards and gardens


It is a premium soil conditioner, 100% natural, rich in carbon and organic matter, which helps plants, trees and flowers grow more robust and leafy.


5 liters, 15 liters, 30 liters.

Particle Sizes:

2 – 6 mm.

Modes of Use

¿How to use Tectopore Lush?

TECTOPORE is a soil amendment that must be mixed homogeneously with the sowing soil. Its effect is enhanced significantly when used in combination with fertilizers.

To calculate the volume of TECTOPORE we must first know the volume of land that the flowerpots will occupy, the planting holes or the space available in your garden. For cylindrical pots or spaces, we need the measurement of the diameter and height. For rectangular pots or spaces, we need the length, width and depth.

Depending on the health or fertility of your soils, it is recommended to use between 10% and 20% of TECTOPORE.

In healthy soils it is recommended to have TECTOPORE make up 10% of the total volume of soil. To calculate the necessary dose you can use our volume calculator. ↓

For difficult soils

For hard soils with little organic matter, that are very difficult to work, it is necessary to use TECTOPORE at 20% plus a compost or fertilizer.

For sandy soils it is very important to soak TECTOPORE with plenty of water before using it and then apply the mixture with compost to the soil.

Home & Garden Mode of Use

Tectopore application guide in Home and Garden

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    Volume Calculator

    To find out the recommended amount of TECTOPORE, use our volume calculator.
    We recommend using 10-20% TECTOPORE by volume of soil