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For pots, lawn, gardens and orchards. Increase the leafiness and health of your plants.


Ideal for grass and established plants


It is a premium 100% natural floor conditioner developed to guarantee the eternal greenery of your lawn.


5 liters, 15 liters, 30 liters.

Particle Sizes:

Hyperfine (< 1 mm).

Modes of Use

¿How to use Tectopore Esmerald?

TECTOPORE EMERALD has a hyperfine particle size which allows it to be applied directly on the grass if it is already planted. It should be applied and spread on the surface while ensuring uniform coverage, and should be soaked with plenty of water immediately.

Tectopore Esmerald for its granulometry is an excellent moisture retainer.

Home & Garden Mode of Use

Tectopore application guide in Home and Garden

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    Volume Calculator

    To find out the recommended amount of TECTOPORE, use our volume calculator.
    We recommend using 10-20% TECTOPORE by volume of soil