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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



Teak spread test

Teak is a greatly durable leafy tree, originally feom India, Burma, Laos and Thailand, which has extended to many asian countries as well as Africa, Central and South America. Its high demand has caused the expansion of plantations as natural. Originally from India, Burma, Laos and Thailand, it has spread to many Asian countries and has a presence in Africa, Central and South America, Its great demand is not enough to supply it.

In a clonal teak nursery located in the Manabí province a spread test was conducted in order to compare plant growth, using different Tectopore Bioblend doses and granulometry. Our product is formulated with an enriched blend with great microorganism diversity and nutrient concentration, Premium pirolytyc biocarbon enriched with a special formula which increases the substratum’s porous areas, allowing the roots to develop in a better aereated envieonment, which is very beneficial to juvenile plants on the first stages of development for production.

Plant showing an accelerated development since nursery stage guarantee a plantation’s success, hence it is of outmost importance to use substratum and ammendments that help to obtain the expected development.

This test was evaluated along 10 weeks with a total of twelve tresaments with six iterations each. The measured variables were the increase in NWD (Neck Width Dimension), total height, root weight and foliar weight. These were applied under the same conditions of normal nursery production, under the same phytosanitary and nutritional protocols of a normally produced batch.

Duro g the tests evidence showed that Tectopore Bioblend accelerated growth and diminished disparch days in three weeks (percentually, time was reduced around 33,33%) in comparison with traditional reproduction and development methods for nursery grown teak seedlings, thanks to the quantity of roots sprouted with biocarbon treatments.

By staying less time in the nursery, it generates significant savings as it needs less workforce and maintenance supplies.

I. Results

The data below belongs to the three treatments that presented the best results in the evaluated variable:

I.I Seedling’s total height

The following chart shows the three best treatments that help to increase the plants’ height in front of the witness:

Chart 1


Resulta show that treatment 5 estimulates nursery yeak seedlings’ development positively.

I.II NHD (Neck Height Diameter)

Chart 2


Results show that Tectopore Bioblend treatment 9 estimulates nursery teak seedlings’ development of neck height diameter positively.

I.III Root Weight (g)

Chart 3


The use of Tectopore Care generates hogher root mass followed by treatment 3 in which Tectopore Bioblend was used with granumetry 1 in nursery teak seedlings.

I.IV Folie Weight (grs)

Chart 4


Tratment 11 with mixed granulometry generates higher foliar weight in nursery teak seedlings, followed by treatments in which Tectopore Bioblend was used with granumetry <2mm and 2-6mm.

Once the 4 tables have been reviewed, we can show that T4 is ranked in the 4 measured variables.

II. Verification images

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