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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



Positive reactions in plants in rose and spray rose production

We went to the flower growing areas of Cayambe, Tabacundo, Puembo, Machachi and Latacunga to carry out 30 trials in the production stage on 32 different varieties of roses and spray roses. Each trial was measured for at least one cycle and with an average data collection of 167 days, with significantly positive results.

For best effects, organic matter and microorganisms should be incorporated with our products. In this trial, we applied Tectopore Bioblend, formulated from an enriched mixture with a high diversity of efficient microorganisms and nutrient concentration, designed for faster results. In addition, we used Tectopore Pure, which is a premium non-inoculated pyrolytic biochar, recommended for specific plants.

In some cases, we added solid mycorrhizae and, via drench, microorganisms used by the farm.

The trials were focused on evaluating productivity, quality and cost/benefit return from the use of the product and in all ranges, expectations were met.

Regarding productivity, the increase in additional stems per hectare was evaluated and the return per month and year was concluded. Regarding quality analysis in roses, we measured stem length and size and bud length and size. In spray roses, in addition to the variables mentioned above, bunch weight and number of buds were assessed.

It is an investment in soil health that should be as high a priority as the investment in infrastructure, opting for long-term solutions such as the use of biochar which, being recalcitrant, remains in the soil for years, providing the same benefits.

Application Chart

The application method for roses in the productive stage is by making a furrow under the irrigation line.

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I. Results

Table 1


II. Verification photographs

II.I Stem length comparison


II.II Stem size


II.III Button size


II.IV Weight


III. Video

IV. Product application

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