Our Company

Is a company specialized in the efficient use of waste from forests planted with teak for the sustainable production of biochar and efficient amendments for soils for agricultural, aquaculture and bioremediation use. Focused on favoring mitigating climate change and promoting a circular economy model.

TECTOCARBON is a company committed to soil health and its goal is to promote accelerated and natural plant growth, based on a deep knowledge of our products through a permanent program of agricultural research with the purpose of continued improvement supported by evidence.

TECTOCARBON has a well-trained team, focused on increasing agricultural productivity through a corporate culture that practices unending innovation. We distinguish ourselves by way of our cutting-edge technology in the manufacture of our TECTOPORE products.

We adapt to the particularities of various soils, substrates and crops, with the understanding that each of them requires specialized management.

Our commitment is to offer high-quality premium biochar with superior performance, personalized support and after-sales service, so that TECTOPORE applications provide maximum performance, profitability and durability in your crops.

Our History

TECTOCARBON has its beginnings in high-yield clonal teak plantations, where a significant contribution of TECTOPORE to the rapid and vigorous growth of juvenile trees was discovered for the first time.

With spectacular results in trials conducted with proper scientific rigor on rose crops, summer flowers and teak trees, our organic biochar has been adopted quickly by commercial producers of various agricultural crops.

Trial Results

Tectocarbon has extensive bibliographic support and 4 years of direct research, in which it has conclusively demonstrated its benefits, with drastic improvements in productivity and quality through different technical tests implemented in a variety of roses, summer flowers and other crops.

The trials have focused on measuring variables of economic impact, such as productivity and quality of various crops:

Quality variables evaluated include: stem length and girth, color and weight. 

The dose and particle size of TECTOPORE were also assessed.

Sustainability through renewable reforestation is an essential condition of the planted forests of Teak, the raw material of TECTOPORE

¿What is Biochar?

It is a residue rich in organic carbon, pure and stable. regulates the availability of water and facilitates the absorption of nutrients from the soil by keeping them permanently available to plants