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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



On gerberas in hydroponics

Originally from South Africa, the gerbera is an ornamental plant that requires high leaf and root transpiration for optimal growth and has become one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. Studies continue to be carried out to achieve quality flowers during its life span.

The trial was carried out because of plant mortality problems due to compaction of the substrate, which causes health problems, at around eight months of growth. It was applied at sowing in hydroponic cultivation in the coconut chip and gravel substrate used by the farm, to evaluate root development in the plants treated with Tectopore Pure, which we hope will achieve the expected result of reducing the level of mortality.

We demonstrated the effect of Tectopore Pure, to encourage the substrate to decompact due to its porosity, which allows air spaces to be left, benefiting the gerbera.

For this purpose, three treatments were implemented, in which the granulometry and the way of placing Tectopore Pure as part of the substrate in the pot were evaluated.

The study is ongoing and so far the evaluation of the first month has been carried out with favourable results. Quarterly measurements are planned for one consecutive year.

I. Application verification photos

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