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Organic Banana – With Tectopore a sheath was achieved in week 30 after planting

A year ago, during the winter season, we carried out a trial on an organic Williams banana crop, located in the Peninsula area, characterized by its heavy clay soils with organic matter.

In this case, the use of Tectopore, Premium Teak biochar, rich in carbon and organic matter, provides ideal components to enrich the microbial layer thanks to its ability to host microorganisms and its benefits to improve physical, chemical and biological properties ground.

For this trial, we applied a single granulometry of Tectopore and three different doses were tested, mixed with a biol compost from the farm.

We placed the mix in the hole at the sowing stage aiming at evaluating the quality response (weight) in the number of banana hands between treatment and control and the weeks of calving in the plants treated with Tectopore, in addition of taking account of time saved in the process.

Método de Aplicación


1. Productivity results

Measured according to the increase in pounds and hands

Table 1


Evaluating the three treatments and the control, the TR1 had an average increase of 6.47 pounds more compared to the control.

In weight, there was an increase of 0.47 in TR1 and 0.55 in TR2 of average additional hands compared to the control.

2. Sheathing

Sheathing started 30 weeks after sowing

Table 2


There is a difference of 12% in TR1 and 13% in TR2 sheathing when compared to control.



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