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It is important to consider that the correct way of applying the product and the appropriate dosage are fundamental to obtain the expected results.



In organic avocado plants Tecotopore allows to overcome development problems

The environment for this trial in organic avocado cultivation is established in three-year-old plants of the Hass variety and with its first production in 2020. It is located in the province of Pichincha, on a farm that has sandy soils, with little moisture retention. The farm has an agroecological/organic management.

We apply eight treatments of Tectopore Bio-blend with two types of grain sizes, placed around the crown. The treatments were evaluated in a plot of 45 trees and we chose five of them per row as an experimental unit with similar characteristics in size, phytosanitary status and topographic area, to show the reaction. The treatments were placed in a lot with the same phytosanitary and nutritional management.

With this test we were able to measure the response in development and production of avocado plants to Tectopore Bio-blend technology, in addition to establishing the effect on fruit quality, improving root development of plants, health, water retention and providing raw material. highly durable organic soil. All aspects were achieved favorably.

The measurement variables referred to the number of fruits per tree, yield of kg/tree counted eight months after applying the product, quality grades obtained at harvest and level of scab infestation per tree.

Application methodology

We apply the product around the tree towards the periphery of the crown, taking its size as a reference, where the highest percentage of roots is located.

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I. Results

Chart 1

Number of fruits harvested in relation to weigh


The control has a greater quantity of harvested fruits, but, when weighing them, five of the eight treatments have a greater weight, which is highly favorable since the avocado, like the banana, is paid by weight.

Chart 2

Average fruit weight (kg)


Six of the eight treatments with Tectopore present a higher average weight than the control.

Chart 3

Avocado quality grade


Chart 4

Scab incidence


II. Verification photographs


Avocados quality

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