Home & Garden Line

For pots, lawn, gardens and orchards. Increase the leafiness and health of your plants.


Greater vigor in orchards and gardens


Ideal for grass and established plants


  • Healthier soils
  • Larger plants and flowers.
  • More tasty and abundant vegetables.
  • Maximize the yield of your garden.
  • Each particle acts as a refuge to house and activate efficient microorganisms, improving their habitat and encouraging them to multiply and thrive in the soil.
  • Facilitates the use of nitrogen and other important nutrients.
  • Regulates the availability of water, helping compost and peat to increase the humidity of the soil, without saturating it near the roots.
  • Helps fertilizers work more efficiently.
  • Neutralizes pH.
  • Improves soil fertility.
  • Improves seed germination.
  • Speeds up composting.

By volume, not by weight.

Biochar is hygroscopic, thus capable of absorbing moisture from the environment that surrounds it. For that reason, it is sold by volume and not by weight, since the weight can vary depending on the water or moisture content in the environment.

The sales unit of Tectopore Agro is liters (L).

It is recommended to use containers with measures in liters.

Volume Calculator

To find out the recommended amount of TECTOPORE, use our volume calculator.
We recommend using 10-20% TECTOPORE by volume of soil.

Agro Line

Our Agro line is used as a highly durable soil amendment and is focused on improving the productivity and quality of your crops.