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¿What is Biochar?

It is a residue rich in organic carbon, pure and stable, obtained from the thermal decomposition of vegetable biomass in an oxygen-deprived environment (pyrolysis). Biochar, hydrophilic in nature, regulates the availability of water and facilitates the absorption of nutrients from the soil by keeping them permanently available to plants.

¿Why is Tectopore different from any biochar?

It is a biochar that comes from residues of organic teak trees. This hardness gives it a micro and nanoporous structure generating a very large internal surface area with a negative charge at countless points on its surface. This mega-porosity causes Tectopore to dramatically increase crop growth, productivity and profitability.

Research and Developmemt

We have implemented more than 70 agricultural trials with scientific rigor in the main industries of Ecuador, seeking to increase productivity and quality in crops in addition to raising awareness about the importance of revitalizing the soil.

Our Products

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Climate Change Advocate

Each ton of biochar represents an average of 2,5 tons of CO2 that are preserved in the soil for centuries, providing fertility and productivity and mitigating its harmful ascent into the atmosphere.

Our Company

TECTOCARBON is a company specialized in the efficient use of waste from forests planted with teak for the sustainable production of biochar and efficient amendments for soils for agricultural, aquaculture and bioremediation use. Focused on favoring mitigating climate change and promoting a circular economy model.