Agro Line

Our Agro line is used as a highly durable soil amendment and is focused on improving the productivity and quality of your crops


Recommended for established plants.


Uninoculated Premium pyrolytic biochar, very rich in carbon and organic matter that improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

Particle Sizes:

Available in four particle sizes. 


Design for faster results.


Formulated from a mixture enriched with a great diversity of efficient microorganism and nutrient concentration.

Particle Sizes:

Available in four particle sizes. 


Ideal for nurseries and propagation activities.


Premium pyrolytic biochar enriched with a special formula that favours a greater active aeration of the sustrate for young plants in the first stages of development.

Particle Sizes:

Available in a single particle size. 

Particle Sizes

< 2 mm

2 – 6 mm

7 – 12 mm


Modes of Use

General Use

  • There are different types of applications and granulometries for agriculture according to the objective of the crop.
  • When evaluating the type of crop and the state of the plants, you must define the type of application needed between the following five alternatives:
    • root, to the field, spread, groove and through compost.

  • To establish the ideal dose of biochar, it will depend on the type of soil, the amount of organic matter and the ratio between carbon and nitrogen in the soil.
  • In all cases, it is advisable to hydrate the biochar prior to its application and keep the substrate moist for the first few days.
  • For best results, during application, biochar should be mixed with soil, organic matter or compost.

The consensus of the scientific community of biochar experts establishes the use of a dose from 5% to 20% of biochar, in relation to the total volume of substrate occupied by the rhizosphere or the area of greatest root exploration.

In very degraded and low organic matter soils:

  • For best results we recommend using compost or worm exudates in combination with tectopore. The mixture must be in a 1:1 ratio (50% compost / 50% biochar) in a dose between 20% and 30% volume on volume.
  • For hard soils with little organic matter, which are very difficult to work with, apply TECTOPORE at 20% plus compost or fertilizer.
  • For sandy soils it is very important to soak TECTOPORE with plenty of water before using it and, subsequently, apply the mixture with compost to the soil.

Our experience is our support. Tectocarbón has developed more than 70 tests in various industries, obtaining statistical data that can be reviewed on our blog.

Contact us for more information about our products and costs. We are ready to address any concerns you may have as a professional in the agricultural sector to apply biochar to crops.

Mode of use Agro

Tectopore application guide in Agro

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    In Bags

    50 liters bags (23 kg ± 5%)
    Each m³ corresponds to 20 bags of 50 liters.

    By volume, not by weight.

    Biochar is hygroscopic, thus capable of absorbing moisture from the environment that surrounds it. For that reason, it is sold by volume and not by weight, since the weight can vary depending on the water or moisture content in the environment.

    The sales unit of Tectopore Agro is liters (L).

    It is recommended to use containers with measures in liters.



    • ts low density and high porosity creates an abundance of air spaces.

    • It works as capillaries to absorb excess water and release it in the event of a possible water shortage.

    • Highly efficient storage of nutrients in the root zone within reach of the plants.


      • Its negative surface charge allows adhesion of cations, which favors the cation exchange capacity (CEC).

      • Provides highly durable organic matter and organic carbon.

      • Helps neutralize acid PH.

      • Increase in soil temperature.


      • Host of beneficial microorganisms.

      • Stimulates microbial activity and promotes bio-availability of nutrients.

      • Supports the proliferation of mycorrhizal fungi.

      • Induces systemic resistance and mitigation of root pathogens, pests and diseases.

      Home & Garden Line

      For pots, lawn, gardens and orchards. Increase the leafiness and health of your plants